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AIVA goes to Portugal.

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AIVA goes on another road trip.

This time AIVA will visit Coimbra in Portugal for a screening at the Fonlad Festival at the Space for Media Arts and Performance on May 25.


AIVA Temptations.
Curated by Anders Weberg.

Richard Jochum  (US) – Twenty Angry Dogs – 1’
Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman (FR) – Double Bind – 4’10’’
Sergio Sotomayor (ES) – Madera #02 – 4’44’’
Cat Del Buono (US) – Now I’m Beautiful! – 1’31’’
Barcellona Federica (IT) – Volo Nero – 6’08’’
Albert Merino (ES) – La Trace Du Sel – 7’40”

Total running time: 24 minutes

Richard Jochum  (US)  – Twenty Angry Dogs – 1’
Group Bark looks like a family portrait, but actually shows people barking like angry dogs. The one-minute video is the single channel appendix to the sound and video installation ”Twenty Angry Dogs”, a project in which I had 20 people bark individually in front of a camera.

Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman (FR) – Double Bind – 4’10’’
This is the video of a performance done on July 20th 2010 in Toulouse, France. This is a reflection on the strength and the pain of the tie between two individuals.

Sergio Sotomayor (ES) – Madera #02 – 4’44’’
The way of thinking that came up to the 19th century Industrial Revolution was primary based on economic and social growth criteria, originating a development which most negative influences have been an out of control exploitation of the natural resources of the planet and its contamination like never before could be imagined.

Wood represent the comeback of life itself from something which is apparently inert. There exists, inside every being that ever lived, a genetic legacy, a code capable of recreating what it was once and of allowing its evolution beyond space and time.

Cat Del Buono (US) – Now I’m Beautiful! – 1’31’’
In “Now Iʼm Beautiful!” my performance aims to accentuate the absurdity of women conforming to an arbitrary idea of beauty.

Barcellona Federica (IT) – Volo Nero – 6’08’’ 
Inspired and dedicated to the poetic force of women in black (in 1988 in a square of Jerusalem by the meeting of seven Israeli women who stay silently for an hour every Friday with signs that say ”STOP THE OCCUPATION” to the Israeli Government’s military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, borns a wave that propagates into other twenty-four cities including Tel Aviv, Haifa, London, Amsterdam, New York, Rome. The movement of DiN (women in black) becomes the symbol, the stimulus for the establishment of women’s groups in different parts of the world that feature this desire to build peace, embracing the expression of their methodology: present in body and soul dressed in black, silent impose themselves and confront the looks of the people. The art of communicating in silent.

Albert Merino (ES) – La Trace Du Sel – 7’40”
Salt is a basic mineral that is corrosive but also essential for the survival of live. This element is used as the main conductor of the fiction that takes place in an outraged and disfigured city. Several characters are crossing this space, that mixed organic and inorganic properties. This is a route across a symbolic universe full of references where the pictures developed a syntax of its own from their elements.